Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Jenny Butler
Mar 12, 2009

At the moment, it feels like every time we see a magazine it's labeled "The Renovation Special". We've already had a gut full of all the hiccups that keep happening with our bathroom renovation, so now all eyes are on planning our kitchen renovation for later in the year. We've read through a pile of magazines and rounded up the future trends, the classics to keep, best tips and some luxury options for a fabulously successful kitchen renovation. Do you have some to add? Let us know after the jump….

Future Trends:

  • Dark and dramatic spaces– dark tiles and cupboards with small splashes of colour

  • Veneers with bold grain effects

  • Taps that are works of art but practical too

  • Drawers which are super functional and a great use of space

  • Kitchen friendly art– think framed tea towels

  • Windows as splashbacks

  • Ditching the "working triangle"- the sink, oven and fridge don't all need to be within arms length of each other

Classics To Keep:

Best Tips:

  • Decide the purpose behind your renovation– are you creating your dream kitchen, a sturdy practical kitchen for a rental property or are you selling and need something a bit shinier to help with the sale?

  • Set a budget and then research ways to make your renovation cheaper. Instead of designing your kitchen with lots of drawers, choose cupboards as they are cheaper.

  • Design from the ground up- thinking about bench and sink height, you shouldn't have to bend to touch the base of the sink

  • Buy the best quality appliances you can afford– it will save you money in the long run

  • Keeping the same layout as your existing kitchen will keep your costs down

Luxury Options:

Obviously these will never all work in the one space but they certainly got us thinking. We plan to stay as far away from the future trends as we can and keep it classic. Should we find any extra cash lying around in our budget, the soft-closers are where those dollar will go. Of course, lots and lots of research is all part of the fun.

Do you have any other tips to add? Any thoughts on future trends?

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