Kitchen-Aid Briva In-sink Dishwasher

Kitchen-Aid Briva In-sink Dishwasher

Sep 13, 2007

No, not 'NSync, although we probably wouldn't mind if they were doing the dishes instead of us, this is an in-the-sink dishwasher.

The Briva could be a perfect solution if you have the money but not the space, as it isn't cheap: $1850. It runs a full cycle in 30 minutes, and fits 5 place settings within.

The basket is removable, allowing for use of the basin as a regular sink on the dishwasher side as well. The sink is 42" wide, which is pretty standard if you have a larger sink. It runs 22" deep into the cupboard below, and 22" in depth. The lid becomes functional counter space when closed, including a place to set hot items.

- Images from KitchenAid and AjMadison.

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