Last week, we posted kitchens from around the world that we pulled from the wonderful Normal Room site. Today, we turn the focus to the domestic instead of the international - a peek into 13 kitchens from across the US - real kitchens for real life!

Top Row, left to right:
1. NYC, Apartment, Couple
2. San Francisco, House, Family with Children
3. Massachusetts, Single
4. Dallas, Apartment, Single
5. Littleton, Massachusetts, House, Family with Children

Middle Row, left to right:
6. Miami, Apartment, Single
7. Spicewood, Texas, House, Couple
8. Seattle, Apartment, Couple
9. San Francisco, Apartment, Couple
10. Denver, House, Single

Bottom Row, left to right:
11.Michigan, House, Family with Children
12.Eugene, House, Couple
13.Columbus, Ohio, House, Couple

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