Kitty's Folding Screen Small Space

Kitty's Folding Screen Small Space

Janel Laban
Jun 10, 2013

Name: Kitty
Location: Bangkok, Thailand

I recently acquired a 490 square feet 1-bedroom in an upscale condo in downtown Bangkok but it costs as much as a three story house with a garden in the suburbs. So to save money, I gave my friend who's a budding freelance architect the project and an impossible task—to give me a lot of storage on the cheap while making the room look bigger.

And he did it! He turned my small 1-bedroom into a "loft" with folding glass doors and used a metal railing/partition to create a fake walk-in closet.

More info on the architect: Anghin Architecture

Thanks, Kitty!

(Images: Anghin Architecture)

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