Knit The Sweetest Snake

Knit The Sweetest Snake

Tess Wilson
Aug 28, 2012

Isn't it fun how the people you love influence the things you notice? Thanks to my friend Crystal, I can't help but notice low-riders, thanks to my mom I get a kick out of seeing single shoes on the side of the road, and without a herpetologist in my life, I might not have stopped to appreciate the beauty of this striped stockinette snake…

Just one of the many amazing Laura's Loop projects for The Purl Bee, the Stockinette Snake is a beautiful specimen. The type of stitch she used created a naturally curling snake-like tube, and the self-ombreing yarns she chose seemed made for snakiness. "With rows and rows of easy stripes, boredom never strikes as the two yarns fade in and out from darks to lights. It's nearly hypnotizing." Find the full pattern here!

Is there an aspiring little herpetologist (or even an older, accomplished one) in your life who would love to have a sweet snake to love? I'm adding this project (along with the hint-of-neon blanket) to my list of Reasons To Learn To Knit & Crochet.

(Image: Laura's Loop: Striped Stockinette Snake for The Purl Bee)

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