Kohler's Carafe Water Filtering Faucet

Kohler's Carafe Water Filtering Faucet

Nov 26, 2007

Getting filtered water from your tap means 1 of 3 options: get a filter pitcher to filter your water, such as a Brita; attach a bulky-looking filter directly to your faucet, such as a Pur faucet filter; or, getting an additional, seperate faucet to your regular faucet.

Enter the fourth, most elegant solution: the Carafe Kitchen Faucet, by Kohler, which has the filter built-in to the system.

The universal lever on the side controls the faucet, while the on-off switch on the other side of the faucet controls the filtering mechanism.

The faucet can be used as both a main faucet or as an entertainment or prep sink faucet because of it's mid-size profile. The MSRP is $616.

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