KOZO Lamps: From Plumbing to Lighting

KOZO Lamps: From Plumbing to Lighting

Range Govindan
Mar 31, 2009

One of the easiest ways of creating a great workspace or home office space is selecting a few great looking lights. Just like ties and suits, great lights can tie together a minimally decorated room quite easily. Lights are great, and it's good to shop around and find the best suited one for your home. Even though IKEA lamps are pretty cool, it's always good to find something different that will fit in slightly better than something that was mass-produced. That's why I really like the KOZO lamps.

The Israeli firm DEMO/Design Clinic have come up with a series of lamps using plumbing parts. The lamps are designed by David Benatan from Tel Aviv and are made out of galvanized iron. They can be turned on and off using a tap-like switch. What's really cool is that these plumbing parts are actually reused from old parts. The parts come from a variety of different countries, and each lamp is emblazoned with a trademark from its country of origin. The materials are raw and authentic, with actual rust on some of the joints and marks from tools that were used while they were being assembled.

On top of being a green design, this lamp actually reuses old garbage since they are made from old parts that would normally just be thrown out and end up on a landfill. It makes for an interesting combination. What first attracted my attention was the look of the lamp. It's very distinctive and would look good in a variety of decors, from the home office to a loft looking for some lighting. I really like them. They are available in three different models starting at $170 going up to $230. I'd suggest converting them to LED. That's easily done with an LED bulb. [via Dezeen]

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