Kristen's "Colorful Resort" Room

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Scottsdale, AZ
Inspiration for my palette:
I purchased the duvet cover first and decided to pull out as many colors as I could throughout the room. I wanted the room to feel like I was on vacation in a Mexican resort, and added authentic Mexican bark paintings and furniture to help complete the room. I also painted small canvases in similar colors to look like Mexican tiles and framed around them to create unique art pieces.
Colors used in my room
Hearts of Palm (the green) and a lilac color that I believe is discontinued but looks much like Queenly.
Tips for using color successfully
Try, try again! I am not a good "visualizer" of color, and find I need to bring physical items into the space to get a feel for what works well together. Often I will accidentally stumble upon a complementary color by bringing these items in. Also make sure to get paint samples and try them on the wall before committing to a paint color--the color often varies based on lighting and space!
Colorful Resort

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