Kristian Vedel Birds

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A classic is back. Fans of Scandinavian design will welcome the re-issue of Kristian Vedel's wooden bird family.

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Designed in the late '50s to depict three family generations, only the smallest bird was put into production. ArchitectMade has now released all three birds which are being handmade in Denmark. The poke-an-eye-out factor rules these out as toys, but their simple, graceful beauty, as well as the sentiment they convey, make them a playful, yet sophisticated choice for display.

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Priced between $45 and $69 depending on size, the birds can be purchased in natural or smoked oak. Their head can be tilted to express different emotions and their bodies can be turned upside down to change the body shape.

Find them at ModernChild.

(Via BB-Blog).


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