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New York, NY
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
I'm very proud of my apartment. It's the smallest one I've personally ever seen at just 186 square feet, but the view of the city is spectacular and makes up for the limited space. When I moved into this studio it was not in very good shape, but in my spare time, little by little, it's come a very long way. It's also very cozy and extremely quiet.
Biggest Challenge of Living in a Small Space:
One challenge was storage. I've found that in a small space like this, it helps if furniture has many functions. The closet was deep enough to install a row of shelves and drawers by moving the hanging rod towards the front, and in the bathroom there is a nearly floor-to-ceiling double cabinet with lots of shelves and with mirrors for doors. Also, I do not have a kitchen sink, as there is no kitchen. I purchased a free standing one from IKEA and slid the dorm refrigerator that came with the apartment underneath. Replacing the bathroom sink faucet with a taller one solved the problem of doing dishes, and hanging things on the wall has helped a great deal. Bookshelves, the TV, and even a secondhand piece of glass now serves as a desk.
If I am the Grand Prize winner of Small Cool, the item(s) or project(s) from my home design wishlist that I'd like to spend my winnings on are::
I've always liked the idea of a Murphy-bed type wall unit, but the really nice ones are out of my price range. But if I were able to lift up the bed every morning, the apartment would seem twice as big!