Kubb, The Swedish Lawn Game (aka Viking Chess)

Maxwell’s Daily Find 06.30.14

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Kubb, The Swedish Lawn Game (aka Viking Chess)

• $59.99

During my vacation this month, I had the honor or playing Kubb in Sweden on Midsummer's Eve. A totally great lawn game for kids and adults (with or without drinking) it is both simple and fun. The ultimate goal is to knock down the opposing team's soldiers before knocking down the king in the middle. The difficulty is that both teams can "save" soldiers and bring them back to life by knocking them down on the other team's side. Hard to explain but easy in practice, the tossing of rods and knocking down of soldiers is addictive and the final win satisfying.

I found a simple version for sale at Amazon, but you can find other versions, both simpler and more fancy, elsewhere. You can also make your own. This is a big recommend for the summer months.

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