La Belle France, Chez Toi: 8 Prints for Francophiles

If you can't get away to Paris as often as you would like, maybe one of these Frenchy prints will help to satisfy the craving. At least for a little while.

1. Au clair de la lune pennant by Amelie Mancini, $28
2. Paris rooftops by Alicia Bock, $35 for 8x8
3. Fin print by Richard Roberts from The Calm Gallery, $155.23 for 22x30
4. Paris quote print by Cedille, $25.53
5. French cards by Darling Clementine from Artsy Modern, $3.50 each

6. La lune poster by Double Merrick, €60
7. Paris map print by Bnito Shop, $63.83
8. Strawberry print by Lucile's Kitchen, $30

Images: As linked