La Créativité: Part One

La Créativité: Part One

Laure Joliet
Dec 11, 2007

Créativité is a "portal for French creativity" and aims to show that France is still spry, prolific, and ebullient, that the French have not lost their moxie; they radiate verve, zip, and flair.

After getting an invite to their LA showcase at the French Consul's personal home, we could not be more convinced that the French have still got it (did they ever lose it, I think not). The evening was filled with great French design, champagne, cupcakes and caviar. There was so much that we'll do a brief rundown of our favorites and break it up over 2 posts. These were the artists and designs that we were struck by:

Roche Bobois and their incredible Mah Jong sofa.

Bleu Nature's collection of stools, lamps, tables and shelves made of petrified wood with modern lines and a touch of whimsy.

The luxurious tableware of Deshoulières

And the "birdie vases" from Anne Pierre Malva.

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