LA Good Questions: Affordable Modern Door Handles?

LA Good Questions: Affordable Modern Door Handles?

Gregory Han
Mar 19, 2008

AT:LA reader David writes in with a question about interior door hardware sourcing:

We're replacing the interior doors in our place and love Omnia's line of modern interior door handles (especially the one in the picture attached) but find the prices to be a little on the steep side. Has anyone had any luck finding clean, modern door handles that look like this but don't cost $100?

David, the Omnia Single Dummy Lever you're partial to is available online for $45 online (the normal dual version is available for $84.75 and there's a similarly shaped handle for $60.75). And of course, there's always eBay.

If those are still too expensive, Kwikset has a selection of modern levels (though obviously not as minimal-modern) for a very affordable price in brass, chrome or brushed finishes. Anyone else out there have some suggestions for David.

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