LA Good Questions: How to Adhere Window Coverings?

LA Good Questions: How to Adhere Window Coverings?

Grace Shu
May 28, 2008

AT reader Lori is about to start a major renovation in her home and needs some help with her creative window treatment for her dining room...We have 8 terrific windows in our dining room. We don't like curtains, and we don't want to buy expensive shades since we are getting ready to start a major renovation (dust, dust, dust)...

We need sunlight/heat control for summer, but want to remove it during winter. (And aluminum foil is out!) We bought ANNO SANELA window "screens" from IKEA, and cut them to fit into the lower glass panes. We are pleased with the result: It works with the Craftsman style windows (sort of resembles a Japanese screen), is remarkably inexpensive ($14.99 covers 2 windows), and can be removed easily in winter when we want to take advantage of the strong sunlight. It also retains some view. Problem: We need a means to adhere the material to the window panes (glass)

  • The method should be invisible or near-invisible (or at least less visible) from inside and out.
  • It also has to support more than just the corners. As shown in the photos, the edges pull away from the glass when only the corners are tacked.
  • The material is 90% paper and 10% polyester, and is heavily textured and fairly weighty. I suspect the material will break down after a summer of intense sun, so it is okay if the material is compromised (cannot be re-used).
  • We don't want something that is too permanent and could damage the windows when removed.

We have tried 3/4" double stick tape with no success (material is much too heavy). We tried velcro squares in the corners, which hold very well. But the velcro is very visible and it still allows the edges to sag away from the glass. Is there a heavy duty version of the Command Strips clear poster squares? In a roll?

Does anyone have a suggestion for a strong yet unobtrusive adhesion system?

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