LA Good Questions: Removing DIY Upholstery Creasing

LA Good Questions: Removing DIY Upholstery Creasing

Gregory Han
Mar 21, 2008

Jennifer decided to tackle a DIY upholstery project while attempting to salvage some keen looking Craigslist finds, but ran into a bit of a problem: creasing.

I bought these chairs for $40 on Craigslist and decided to give DIY reupholstering a shot. The current plan is to re-cover them in white (I think) and try to chrome the base. What you see on the left is a prototype using an old sheet. I figure I can solve most of the problems going on, except for the creasing on the arms. How do I fix this? Do I need to cut those arm pieces on the bias?

Do you think with some tweaks it'll look fine as a DIY or should I just take it to an upholsterer?

This might be a case where hiring an upholster might be a good idea. If you look closely at how the original material was applied, you can see the arm sections are separate from the back; as a beginner you might find this a bit of a challenge to reproduce.

But perhaps some experienced AT readers have some personal experience and good ideas for Jennifer's dilemma?

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