LA Good Questions: Where Can I Get That Star Shaped Lighting Fixture?

ATLA reader Lauren just emailed us with this tidbit of sourcing information she wanted to share with other readers who might interested in the star-shaped overhead lighting she's seen on TV and in design publications:

"My girlfriends and I have been looking for this light that we saw on HGTV that keeps showing up in my design mags and I finally found it! I thought I'd share the link with my fellow AT-goers. And bonus! They're not as expensive as I thought they'd be! Woo hoo!"

Details below under the jump...

The Moravian Star Light has a total of 18 points. Each point contains four triangular pieces of clear glass. The metal has an antique bronze finish and the fixture uses a 40- or 60-watt light bulb. Available for $129-$199 depending on size here.

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