LA Source for Milk Glass?

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Q: We want to use TMCobb F55, 5 light pocket doors in our house (a renovation on the upstairs of a Spanish Colonial Revival). I used to live in a house that had 15 light doors with glass that looked like old, swirly milk glass in the panes and it was beautiful (see pic). Trying to recreate the effect and found the glass from Kokomo Glass had that look, but apparently it's not to code:

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They suggested we send measurements to them in Indiana, they'd cut and ship the pieces to a laminator in another state and that company would laminate and send the pieces to us. All those steps, all those states, all the money--feels like aggravation waiting to happen. Been to Pulp on La Cienaga and found nothing but an uninformed sales person with a snarky attitude (and I was there with a friend who's a design professional). Looked at frosted and sand blasted glass... all too modern. Any thoughts?

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