LA Spring Cure 08: The Weekend

We're wading into The Cure, gearing up for Week One that starts on Monday. You've still got time to get the book and read through page 69 and upload those photos to the LA Flickr Pool. We're excited to have more than 20 people committed to creating health and beauty in their homes throughout the Southwest. Some easy tips to get started this weekend:

If you're raring to go and have already read the assignment, some other things you might consider:
&bull Photo Tips for those before photos
&bull Read up on green home cleansers (read the comments of the post too, there are some great ideas).
&bull Buy yourself some flowers and get inspired

You can check out the other home sites to see how they're doing too:
Chicago & their Flickr group
San Francisco & their Flickr group
New York & our Flickr group
Green Home & their Flickr Group