LA Spring Cure 08: Week One Check In

LA Spring Cure 08: Week One Check In

Laure Joliet
Mar 13, 2008
17 seconds has a plan!
What a week so far. A bunch of you have already uploaded your before pictures to the Flickr pool and we're busy making sure you guys are all included in the Official Sign Up (check for your name in the updated list after the jump). So welcome and hope you're motoring along on your first assignment. Some useful links after the jump:

Welcome to:
Arizona: rudopal, J.L., lelusama, OneWallKitchen, stefspets
California: mmmmj, Chusmabilly, Laura, Mar5195, Chinagrrl, agellee, stephanieokay, Shurie, claudelemonde, elr51884, mfree1and, Daffodil, guerrillaaesthete, silverlake mommy, Liz, sparkle, Christal, ARC, beesting, tangerinetreehouse, jrdk, BellaEBrutto, sparklehead, ltk
Colorado: Allison G, brooke,
New Mexico: kms
Texas: Hustafel, msteddie, bunny, dianamac22, hotrodgal, anemone, Val,
Utah: Aimee's Petite Maison,

Welcome to everyone that's signed up so far. If you're on the fence, you still have a couple more days to make it official.

AimeeRoo's got big plans for this bedroom

This Week's Assignment: Get your hands on a copy of the book and read through page 69. You can also determine if you'll be working on the One Room Workout or a Deep Treatment of your whole home.

For the Deep Treatment:
This week is all about gaining some momentum and breathing some life into your home. How do we do this? We start by mopping or vacuuming the floors, buying ourselves flowers and taking one thing out of the house and putting it out on the street. Once you've made some space for yourself, start collecting inspiration for your style tray.

For the One Room Workout:
You guys get to hone in and focus on just one room which means you get to spend more time on what we call the frosting: the decorating, coordinating and planning of a whole room. So this is the week to figure out what room you want to work on, what your budget is, and start collecting inspiration. Check out some of the past home tours for inspiration. Or we've even tagged a bunch of our posts 'inspiration' and that might be a good jumping off point.

No matter which one you choose, remember to use us as a resource, ask us questions, ask for help, be nice to yourself and your home. You don't have to do it all at once, just do what you can of each week's assignments and you'll be making great progress!

elevenhounds has started putting together a style tray

Useful Links:
Join the discussion on low budget Cure ideas
Lots of you are doing your whole homes
Have you looked into Natural Cleaners?
Link to Southwesterners who are blogging their Cure progress

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