LA Spring Cure: Week Two - Weekend

LA Spring Cure: Week Two - Weekend

Laure Joliet
Mar 21, 2008

HotRodGal has finished her kitchen deep clean!

We're headed into the weekend with tons of momentum! If you haven't already, take this weekend to finish up the deep clean in the kitchen and set the date for your housewarming shindig. Next week we'll be talking about color and how to keep the outside world from invading your home. Until then, jump below for a refresher on this week's assignment and the progress you've all been making:

hollywoodandwestern is considering a mounted jackelop for the end of the hall!

This week of the Cure emphasizes that redecorating starts with clearing out the old to make way for the new. You've been working on the kitchen, giving it a deep clean, this can be exhausting and exhilarating all at once. It might seem easy to skip, but don't cheat yourself of one of our favorite exercises: spend the time to run your hands across every wall of our apartment. We've been surprised by how much we've learned about our apartment this way. We also got some unexpected perspectives on rooms because we ended up standing in places we never do and seeing things from a totally new angle.

ATsweetheart has uploaded some fantastic inspiration photos

To Do This Week (Deep Treatment)

  • Fix one thing in your apartment yourself (pick an easy one!)
  • Clean and declutter the kitchen (use the Outbox)
  • Determine your style
  • Cook one meal at home (keep it simple)

To Do This Week (One Room Workout)

  • Decide on the activities you want in your room (collect everything for that activity and put it in that space)
  • Make a floor plan
  • Name your vision
  • Make a shopping list

Have fun cooking a meal this weekend and do yourself a favor: if there are things in the outbox that you know you are finished with, get them out of the house and enjoy more space!

jen.lum has maybe settled on this wall color?

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