LA Times H&G 5.31.07: Murals

LA Times H&G 5.31.07: Murals

May 31, 2007

"Mural, Mural, on the wall..." Today's LA Times House and Home has a big feature on the resurgence of painted wall murals. As quoted from the article, "The whole idea back then, as it is today, is to encourage a kind of day dreaming,...It sparks creativity, which is something people have always responded to in LA."

Mural artists have been a big part of LA history. Many scenic painters who worked on movie theaters and set designs were routinely hired to create similar effects in the homes of Hollywood. Today, with all the wall stickers/graphics, stencils, fresh wallpapers, and new paints available, anyone can achieve a similar effect without being an artist. Read the rest of the article here, and see the slideshow. Do any on you already have murals in your home, or would you consider having one?

Image by Robert Lachman for LA Times.

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