Lab Glass

Lab Glass

Mar 6, 2007

It's interesting. AT:NY wrote about lab glass way back in November. We've seen it for sale from time to time, and we included a Craigslist posting for it in last Friday's Scavenger. But we were completely taken aback at just how many booths it appeared in at Alameda on Sunday.

We really like its funky, old school look, although after AT reader/lab scientist Erin's reminder that "putting food items in secondhand glassware is potentially very unsafe", we'd stick to using lab glass for display or to hold things like cotton balls, Q-tips, pens. Some resources (other than Alameda) are below the jump.

American Science & Surplus
Berkeley Outlet (although lab glass isn't listed on the website, they recently posted an ad on Craigslist)
Research Laboratory Supply
Surplus Lab

Image: Specialty Glass, Inc.

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