Ladders As Storage

There are certain weeks out of the year when our home seems to overflow with extra stuff (in particular, the holiday season). We think a decorative ladder is the perfect way to add a little bit of extra storage space while keeping the streamlined look.

In the bathroom, where storage space is already minimal, a wooden ladder can hang towels and accessories. If the ladder has a wider ledge (as pictured) it's the perfect spot for stowing bathroom products. We also like the look of using a painted ladder as a bedside table. A book (or two) can manage nicely while a task light makes the vignette cozy and balanced. If you're the DIY type, and are in need of a bookshelf, a ladder hung on its side can corral books. Or, create a unique spot in the entryway to store shoes by using a ladder in the small space.

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(Images: 1. Milly @ Taiwan, 2. Ladder As Bedside Table, 3. Look!: A Ladder Bookshelf, 4. Creative Shoe Storage Using Ladders, 5. Lacquered Bamboo Ladder Towel Rack)