This week in The Cure we're starting to filter out the outside world to keep it from invading our homes. One way we start this process is by adding an organized entryway or landing strip to our apartments. This could be as simple as a hook and a chair/table, or it could be something more elaborate. But whether you live in a dorm or a place big enough to have a mudroom, there's always a way to incorporate a landing strip. Jump below for some inspiration, some great hooks and some how-to's to get you started:



Landing Strips
Look! Hooks Under a Console Shelf
What to do with keys
How To: Make a Cozy Entryway
Look! Landing Strip
How To: Make a colorful and organized entryway
Painting the Entryway
Ugly AC transformed into lovely landing strip
Look! Embroidery Hoop Landing strip
Kate's Shoe Cabinet Landing Strip

Last Year's Landing Strip Roundup
TC Studio Knife Hooks
Roundup: Wall Hooks for Pet accessories
Trompe L'oeil Sticker Hooks
Triple Hook Up Strip
DIY Landing Strip Pegboard
Ikea Landing Strip Help

Shelves, Keys and Shoes:
How To: Make a Space Saving Shoe Rack
Cubbies and Key Organizers from Umbra
5 Places to Place your shoes
Molger Bench and Plants

Most Importantly: Cancel the Catalogs you don't want! (And Junk Mail!)

Top Images via Domino Magazine