Laptop Carrying Cases With Fashionable Flair

Laptop Carrying Cases With Fashionable Flair

Gregory Han
Sep 7, 2011

Many Unplggd readers maybe proud of geek and tech interests, but do not necessarily want to be represented by geeky aesthetics. So here are a handful of ways to carry around your laptop and present yourself as knowingly and tastefully fashionable, upping your chic-cred above your geek-cred factor…

1. HardGraft 2 Unfold Laptop Bag, $547.00 Halfway between a backpack and a carrying case, this model is fully luxurious in fit and finish, with materials that should gracefully age into a lovely patina all the while protecting your laptop within thanks to the tanned leather exterior and the 100% wool felt inside. Holds up to 17" laptops and can be work as a shoulder bag, backpack, courier style, held as a clutch and lugged around as a briefcase. If MacGuyver was a laptop case, this would be it. Get it: Hard Graft
2. Jack Spade Glen Pinstripe Windowpane Computer File Case, $276.50 You may find yourself lugging your laptop a little more just to show off this gray plaid bag. Get it: Jack Spade
3. Mulberry Mole-Cognac Scotchgrain Computer Case, $900.00 An instant classic from the British fashion house: beautiful textures on the main body contrast nicely with the smooth tan detailing. Get it: Mulberry
4. Poppin 15" Brown Laptop Bag, $19.00 The design looks expensive—but the pricetag says otherwise. Get it: Poppin
5. Bamboo Blackbox Case Protect your laptop with an un-crushable (and sustainable) bamboo shell comes complete with a laser-cut leather strap and wool-felt liner. Pre-order it: Blackbox Case
6. Harflex Personalized 13 Macbook Pro / Macbook Air Case, $142.00 This hand-stitched leather case will age nicely (and will probably even outlast your laptop). Get it: Harlex

Originally published at Lifework by AmyFeezor

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