Large Art in Small Spaces

Large Art in Small Spaces

Sarah Coffey
Apr 5, 2010

Ever wonder why advertisers use 6-foot images in bus shelters or billboard-sized ads in subway stations? Part of the reason is that scaling up in a small space can be really effective. The same thing works at home, as you can see in the first photo above, where a huge image of a laughing girl gives an entryway a distinct personality.

Large art can be the defining element of a small space, tying together a color scheme and creating a single focal point that anchors the other items in the room. It can be anything: a painting, a map, found signage, or a rug hung on the wall.

When choosing large art for a room, the most important thing is that you love it. As a central piece, it sets the tone for everything else and you want to choose something that reflects your personal taste and style.

We've pulled together a few examples of people who have used large art effectively in small spaces. Though media and styles vary widely, these artworks fit in will with their rooms and act as a strong center of gravity around which furniture and accessories revolve.

1 Galen's Ad-Hoc Apartment for the Arts
2 EricMcFly's Constant Curating
3 Arzee's Urban Jungle Oasis
4 dp2r's Organized Abode
5 Lital's Earth Toned Living Room

6 Praveen's High Ceilings
7 Summer and Josh's Pumped Up Traditional
8 Lori's Eye Popping Neutra
9 Jessica and Erik's Cozy Bungalow
10 Annie's Logan Square Home

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Photos: Ann Manubay & Dabney Frake, Erin, Arzee, dp2r, Lital, Praveen, Evan Thomas, Lori, Jessica Engeman, Annie

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