Large Bedroom w/ Reading Area: Does It Work?

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Q: Overall, there is too much free space in our master bedroom. Currently, there's a standard 5-piece bedroom set. I am considering changing the layout by removing the dresser and adding a lounge area, defining zones with rugs and with panel curtains along the long wall with different colors on each side.

Our master bedroom is approximately 15' x 21', with all doors (2 closets on the short wall, entry door, french door to bathroom) opening into the room. We have 6 windows: 3 full height along the shorter wall (7' tall starting at about 2'), and 3 'skylights' (about 30"x 24" positioned starting about 5' up). Both sets of windows are positioned symmetrically from the center of their respective wall (ceiling height is 10'). There are already full length curtain panels on the other window wall (not modeled). You see the bedroom set chest between the french door and entry door (opposite the bed), and a console table in the corner behind the chaise lounge. The bed shown is queen - we would like to keep this size.

Does this flow/definition of rooms work? Would you recommend a different layout? (and please ignore the colors of everything, these are just placeholders!) Thank you!

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