Large DIY Wall Art Projects for Really, Really Cheap

I’m always on the look out for cheap DIY art that looks good enough to hang. It doesn’t get more stylish or more affordable than these five, which can easily be done for $60 (and in most cases for much, much less). If your blank walls are staring you in the face right now, and you need a good project, these are pretty clever and inspirational.

1. Embrace your favorite color in a really big way with these DIY Pantone charts (lead image above), from With Design.

2. With the help of a Speedball stamp kit, you can carve and print your own pattern. Then there’s no limit to how large you can go. Thanks for the idea Emmadine!

3. If you have an overhead projector, or can borrow one from a friend, there’s this gold moon wall from A Beautiful Mess.

4. This huge letter art from Chris Loves Julia is simple and modern.

5. It's a snow leopard! Of course, the cost will vary, depending on your wall, but this project from the Band Wife is a good one.

Head on over to each of these to see how it's done, and how much they'll set you back (hint: it's not much).

(Image credits: With Designs; Emmadine; A Beautiful Mess; Chris Loves Julia; The Band Wife Blog)