Large 15" Maple Bowl

Maxwell’s Daily Find 08.01.12

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Large 15" Maple Bowl

• $170

This is the most perfectly satisfying wood bowl I've yet to find (I have one at home). Made by The Bowl Mill in Vermont, this big one (good for salads) is part of a set I have that starts with a really lovely small one, only 7" wide. You can find the big one at Kiosk and see all the other sizes at The Bowl Mill's site.

"The series of solid wood bowls ranging in size from 8in. to 20in. in diameter are made from a single piece of premium hardwood in Vermont. The nests of wood bowls are made on 19th century equipment and finished on 20th century "Rube Goldberg" type sanding equipment. Each bowl inherits the unique grain of each tree which contains a history of the weather, climate, and soil conditions experienced during its growth cycle."

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