Large-Scale Artwork On a Budget

Large-Scale Artwork On a Budget

Sarah Coffey
Dec 7, 2007

Buying artwork is want to buy what you love and build a collection, but sometimes you just have a big empty space to fill. Large-scale artwork can anchor a room and make it appear bigger, but it usually comes with large scale prices. There are lots of ways around the problem...five of them are listed below.

1) Buy a readymade wall-hanging like the Premiar Picture from IKEA (shown in top photo) $149, 55 x 79 inches or the Marimekko Tuuli Wall Hanging (shown above) at CB2, $65 including hanging hardware, 38 x 57 inches.

2) Frame a panel of wallpaper. Click here for sources for cheap frames. Image via Terramia.

3) Make your own fabric panels. Click here for the how-to. Image: Amenity Leaf Large Wall Print.

4) Blow up a favorite photo on canvas, or get it framed. Image and how-to instructions via Blueprint.

5) Blow up a photo and print it out in "tiles" that you pin to the wall in a grid. Image and how-to instructions via Readymade.

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