LA's Pedestrian Secrets

LA's Pedestrian Secrets

Gregory Han
Feb 5, 2008

We love tiny secret streets and inner courtyards and their promises of stolen kisses, hidden treasures, a secret rendez-vous. Here in LA, the city of wide boulevards and open freeways, we have nothing comparable to the hidden rambles of other pedestrian-oriented cities. Or do we?

Lately, in the interest of seeing LA from a new perspective, we've taken to walking the distance from our house to our friend's house. The slog across Wilshire Boulevard, down Fairfax and over San Vicente seemed interminable. Until we discovered the "way" streets...

Little shortcuts that cut from one street to another, they could be mistaken for alleys except for the fact that some fastidious city planner has thought to give them names. Offering a brief respite from cars and traffic, they invite nods from the other pedestrians who also use them. We smile as we pass each other. We share a secret.


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