Laser Guided Measuring Tool Calculates Square Footage

Laser Guided Measuring Tool Calculates Square Footage

Sonia Zjawinski
Mar 3, 2009

Whether your renovating, fixing your Feng Shui, or planning out a house party, measuring floor plans can be a real pain in the back and even dangerous -- who hasn't balanced on a chair to get accurate square footage?

Only in concept phase, Huang QiaoKun's Red Point Measure uses lasers and simple mathematics to find a room's width and height, essentially changing the way we calculate a room's space...

Two movable arms shoot out a red laser toward each end of the wall. The distance between the two points is used in a triangle-related formula – C = (A^2+B^2-2ABcosZ)^(1/2) – which then calculates what the measurement is. Would be awesome if this thing went into production before this year's Small Cool competition. All those floor plans could be digitally accurate -- and use up a little less blood, sweat, and tears.

photos: Huang QiaoKun

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