Last Lovely Things from ICFF

Last Lovely Things from ICFF

Maxwell Ryan
May 21, 2010

ICFF came to a big finish last Wednesday and our coverage was bigger than ever. With eight bloggers trawling the aisles we sifted through it all in order to give you a real taste of what was going on as well as highlighting all the new good stuff. In 2010-11 we're going to be totally amping up our show coverage, so tune in here if you ever want to know what's going on. And here are my last little favorite tidbits.

>> OBJETI: These deep red felt pendants glowed with warmth while absorbing the light deep within. This is another great use of felt (oh so popular now!).

>> STERN SCHAUKELBETT: I had to take a pic of this bed that rocks... really.

>> RICHARD SCHULTZ: These are aspirational buys, but beautiful, modern classics in the outdoor realm.

>> DIASUKE HIRAWA: This pendant is made of stainless steel dish pads, but you really can't tell until you get close. It casts a lovely glow.

>> HYUN SUN PARK: Folding chairs just keep getting better, but why can't I find something like this when I want it? In prototype as of yet, someone should follow up and distribute these beautiful chairs in the US.

>> BTC LIGHTING: These folks have great lamps and are working hard to get greater exposure in the US. Currently the best place to find all their lamps is at Conran.

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