It's not the gifts that usually blow my holiday budget, it's the wrapping paper. It's not uncommon to find me sprinting to the corner drugstore moments before I have to leave for a party for tissue paper, a glossy party bag and ribbon which, although it's easy and festive looking, is not particularly cost-effective. The other day, Lindsay and Kathryn suggested some creative ways to spruce up a brown paper bag. Here are some other suggestions:

  • 4 Simple Wrapping Ideas for Any Occassion: Dress up simply wrapped gifts with these festive touches.
  • 6 Alternatives to Wrapping Paper: Fabric, waxed paper and delivery menus are some of the things that easily sub for gift wrap.
  • How to use a reusable bag to wrap presents: Since the whole movement towards byo grocery bags began, I seem to have accumulated dozens of reusable bags. Here's a way to use them to wrap up your gifts (in a pinch, you can also use a nice plastic bag).
  • How to Wrap a Gift Bag in Fabric: If you use decide to wrap your gifts in fabric, here's how to do it so it looks cool rather than clumsy. This is a great use for old shirts, t-shirts, napkins, sheets, scarves and dishtowels.
  • Newsprint Inspired Christmas: Craft paper, newspaper and twine can look festive rather than sad if you use layering and greenery.
  • Other ideas: Use road maps, pages from books and magazines and cans with colorful labels

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