Inspiration: A New Look At Hanging Plates

Inspiration: A New Look At Hanging Plates

Abby Stone
Feb 29, 2008

Last week, blogging collections, we suddenly remembered the genesis of the obsession: the colorful pottery our parents lugged back from Italy and hung on the stucco walls of their wood beamed dining room. While the look seem a little old-school for us, we wondered...would the hanging plates translate into our own home?

A glimmer of an idea surfaced when we saw these plates for sale in the Room Service Home Catalog. Better. But still we hesitated. It wasn't until we happened upon Ma Maison Sofitel's take on it that we reconsidered. Instead of ordered columns of patterned crockery on pale walls, an organic, amorphous arrangement of subtly glazed plates spreads out over a dark background.

We have a beautiful set of orange dishware we seldom use that we know will give us more pleasure on our yellow walls than hiding in the drawer; even white plates on white walls could add interesting texture to an otherwise stark modern room. We've had our eye on new tableware for a while. Knowing it will serve a dual purpose might be just the impetus we need to get it.

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