A music lover in Zurich combined his love of electronic music with his affinity for inforgraphics and created this wide yearlong graph charting his musical listening choices as a 3 meter poster. We share how it was created and how to make your own for free.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
How was the graphic created? Andy used the listening stats from his LastFM account with a statistics add-on called, LastGraph (you can create your own or plug in anyone else's account name to check out their listening habit visually).

The site creates a vector graph PDF, which means the graphic can be enlarged to large sizes without resolution worries, thus offering anyone a unique and personalized wall graphic (you'll just need access to a large format printer or can tile separate sheets into one large image). Just delete those embarrassing guilty pleasures before you create and print out a graphic!

Note: seems like the service is quite popular and there's currently only 1 render node online to create these graphics. We're queued at position 1224 got give you an idea of the wait. So of course, there's a Premium account available which allows for hotlinking and possibly expedited delivery of your graph. Fair enough, considering it's otherwise a free service.

[via Nerdcore]