Latex Pillows: Any Experience?

Latex Pillows: Any Experience?

Trent Johnson
Aug 27, 2009

Recently I've been suffering from a nighttime cough that comes on after about 30 minutes after hitting the sack. My fiancee thinks it might be dust mites in my beloved down pillow which I've had for a couple years. Another green blog recently posted about latex pillows which are naturally resistant to common germs, dust mites, mildew and mold. Has anyone had any experience with these?

I am an incredibly picky when it comes to my pillows. Once I find one I like (generally a soft down), I'll keep it for years. Ecofabulou's blog post on Nature's Rest latex pillows has me seriously intrigued by this relatively pricey pillow, but I want to ensure it would be comfortable and address my recent coughing issues.

Does anyone have any experience with natural latex pillows? Or even ways to put night bed?

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