Polyp Wall-Mounted Baskets

Overall, I am a fan of both having a clean apartment, and the process to get it in tip-top order, which may explain why I get physically itchy when I watch shows like Hoarders. Although I'm a fan of cleaning almost as much as Monica from Friends, of all the cleaning processes that I have to do on a weekly basis, washing clothes has got to be one of my favorites-- granted, having a washer and dryer in my basement might have something to do with it. Since I am only doing laundry for one, my laundry organization needs are pretty basic-- a large laundry bin in my bedroom is really it.

Because of the nature of laundry (dirty clothes, and undergarments) most people choose to keep their laundry bins and baskets out of site, which is fine for people with space to keep their laundry bins and baskets hidden, but if you do not, finding a bin or basket that is both utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing is very important. Here are five options that meet my approval.