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Earlier this week Grace talked about shared laundry etiquette which led to some pretty amusing stories in the comments. It reminded me of an ongoing debate I have with my boyfriend about how often sheets and towels should be washed. I think in his mind, with towels especially, you're always clean when you use them so why would you ever need to wash them? Obviously we differ:

Generally I wash the bedsheets every week, or every other if I get lazy. I also tend to take a shower before bed so I'm definitely clean. Towels I also wash about every week, and I just alternate between 2 during the week so I end up using each one about 3-4 times. Wikipedia says that that's 'normal' for the US. I know if someone else wasn't changing my boyfriend's sheets it would be a lot longer between washings, and don't even get me started on the towels.

How often do you wash sheets and towels? When do you consider them dirty?

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