Laundry To Landscape: Greywater Gardens

Laundry To Landscape: Greywater Gardens

Rochelle Greayer
Aug 29, 2012

With the record breaking heat and drought thoroughout the country this summer, water bans have been pervasive. How do you continue to water your garden within the rules? Answer: Make the most of the water you are allowed to use.

Laundry to Landscape? I'm still trying to think through whether, in my own home (which uses well water and a septic system), capturing grey water is worth the effort as an environmental improvement. I am, however, quite sure that for city dwellers and those using town water, particularly in arid environments, making good use of every drop of water is smart.

This easy to install Laundry to Landscape system, built using greywater guru Art Ludwig's free open-source plans, seems simple enough. It certainly requires greater attention to detergent choices and a greater level of understanding about what is needed and not needed in your soil, but with a little extra effort, you might be able to water your garden after all. Take care though — many municipalities have regulations around greywater systems that are worth researching to avoid running into trouble.

Art Ludwig has written extensively on the subject in his book The New Create an Oasis with Greywater: Choosing, Building and Using Greywater Systems - Includes Branched Drains, and additionally you can check into this post at Root Simple to learn from someone who has used Art's plans to build a system.

(Images: Root Simple)

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