Laura's Backyard Renovation: Garage Week 2 - We Have a Roof!

Renovation Diary

Installation of the roof.
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Name: Laura Watson
Type of Project: Outdoor renovation
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
Type of building: Semi-detached shop front/cottage with 1200 sq. ft. backyard

The Renovation Diaries are a collaboration with our community in which we feature your step by step renovation progress and provide monetary support towards getting it done in style. See all of our Reno Diaries here.

This week we had some serious weather in South Australia, with 4 days in a row over 42⁰C (1o8⁰F). Needless to say, there wasn’t too much outdoor work being done! The summer has been a little crazy; we’ve set a new record at 13 days over 40⁰C (104⁰F), followed by the wettest February day since 1974, with many areas of the city flooding. Still, we managed to make some progress on Sunday.

More roof installation.
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The skylight let a significant amount of light in.
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The roof of the garage was installed, including two skylight panels. Some of the flashings were put on, and the finishes really add to the look of the garage. There are a few bits and pieces to finish off with the installation, and then we’re onto the flooring. It feels like things are going pretty smooth at the moment, fingers crossed!

Once the flashings went on, it started looking more like a garage!
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The flashings add some finishing touches.
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Trying to keep cool with strawberries and ice cream!
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Estimated time for project: 8 weeks
Time remaining: 2 weeks

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(Images and diary text: Laura Watson)