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Tucson, AZ
Inspiration for my palette:
I rent and this Pink was already on the walls when I got here, but it was paired with a salmon/coral color on the wall that is now deep, rich brown. I liked the pink but paired with that salmon-y color, it was very 80's Palm Beach. I was going to paint over the pale pink too, but when I put the dark chocolate color up, I really liked the pink with it. It's a really big room, so to thread everything together, I kept the upholstered pieces light, mixed lots of patterns and made the whole thing more playful by adding shots of bright color around the room.
Colors used in my room:
A very pale, warm pink and dark, rich mahogany brown on the walls, white and grey upholstery, silver accessories, and hits of cobalt blue, acid green and ultra-violet in the accent pieces.
Tips for using color successfully:
Go one shade lighter than the color you think you want, unless it's black or a very dark color ;-) and look at a very "greyed down" version of the color you want...you would be surprised how saturated a color looks when it's up on the walls. A color that looks absolutely grey on a color swatch suddenly becomes the perfect shade of lilac or blue or green or yellow...you get the picture. Look to mother nature for great color combos...there are about 20 different shades of green on a tree, and they all work beautifully together!
Pretty in Pink