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Bronxville, NY
Inspiration for my palette:
The walls were already this color and then I already owned the fantastic Zuber screen that I picked up years ago. The colors in the screen are amazing and look awesome against the yellow. I am calling my color palette "Year-round Sunshine", because that is what it is. The room is always warm and sunny and at night, it positively glows!
Colors used in my room:
The walls are Benjamin Moore Hawthorne Yellow, HC-4. The rest of the pallet is an analogous combination of teal, apple green, olive, forest green, cream, white, brown (wood) and touches of black. There are also tiny bits of coral and red in the artwork. BTW, the lamp on the desk is NOT BLUE. It is even greener than the teal I indicated below. The other colors are quite true, but that one just had a mind of its own!
Tips for using color successfully:
I think that people should'nt be afraid to use the same color on all four walls. Accent walls usually don't work that well, unless its a darker color on a far wall to make a small room appear larger. I find that monochromatic and analogous schemes with accents of complimentary colors work the best. Using different variations of the same hue is a very rich look. Of course, I will always love white on white. (white is also a color!) I also think that no matter what, its always beneficial to incorporate bits of black. It keeps pastels from looking like an Easter egg and beiges from looking drab. And finally, ceilings do not always have to be painted white!
Year-Round Sunshine