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Glen Rock, NJ
Inspiration for my palette:
I'm a recent college graduate, and I knew from friends that moving back home (even temporarily) can be a struggle. I was inspired to create a space that felt like a sanctuary away from the rest of the house, where I could come to work or relax. The light gray and white combined with bright pops of color and sunlight from my three windows make that space a reality. I never want to leave!
Colors used in my room:
Barren Plain (gray shade by Benjamin Moore), white, black, and multiple bright accent colors: purple, red, orange, green
Tips for using color successfully:
Don't be afraid to mix and match! I've lived in a new space every year for 4 years and collected many mismatch items along the way. By adding unique pillows, books, or candles that tie the different elements together you can create a space that works in its own way.
Crisp, Calm, and Bright
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