Lauren's Cure: A Question for You

Liveblogging the January Cure 2014

So we do have a landing strip of sorts (thanks to last year's Cure!) - it's not right by the front door, but as close as we could get. It works for our keys and mail, but I've been stumped as far as finding a place to put on and take off our shoes as well as store the ones we use most frequently.

At the moment we have dedicated part of our sideboard to my daughter's arts and crafts supplies (paper on the top shelf, far right and supplies in the striped basket below) and recently created a space for a little play table for her. Since working on the landing strip portion of the Cure, however, I'm wondering if we should go back to our previous set up:

Before we had a chair here and it was an ideal spot for putting on shoes, plus the skirt provided some storage underneath. I was thinking this could be a great place to hide a shoe tray with few of our most used shoes. They'd be easily accessible but not out in the open. The problem is I'm not sure where else we'd put my daughter's little table. I know she could work at the main table, but I got tired of cleaning up her craft explosions for every meal :) What do you think?


(Image credits: Lauren Hufnagl)