Lauren's Cure: Kitchen Cleanup (And Not Much Else!)


I'm afraid I'm probably not the most inspiring person liveblogging the cure this year, but I'm trying to accept the fact that I'm just not going to be able to do as much on just a few hours of sleep each night. (Teething is evil - am I right?) As far as my weekend chores, I managed to clean my kitchen, buy some fresh flowers (which my three-year-old helped me pick out), and complete one small organizational project. The refrigerator, pantry, and the rest of the cabinets will just have to wait. I have a kid to play barn with and a baby to feed...

Here is my tiny organizational project in all its glory. We received an in-drawer knife block for Christmas (we don't have the counter space for a traditional one) and I finally got around to cleaning out the drawer and getting it set up. It fits like a glove and our nice knives are now being treated how they deserve instead of crushed into a drawer full of odds and ends. I still hope to get some of the other projects completed as I have time, but I'm not going to drive myself crazy either. My mantra this year is "cure not curse"!

If you have kids or something else of similar importance that requires a lot of your time and attention, do you have any tricks for getting things done around the house? (Hire a cleaning service, perhaps!?)


(Image credits: Lauren Hufnagl)