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Because I'm not very handy, I've decided to shop for products for my decor pairing. I'm looking for rustic wood objects to add a little warmth and personality to my kitchen.  I need items that are not only beautiful, but also useful, as my small kitchen doesn't allow much room for fluff. I'm thinking cutting boards, a collection of wooden spoons, and woven baskets for storing those not-so-pretty items. I've found a lovely assortment of low, medium, and higher priced items by browsing Pinterest, Etsy, and some of my favorite online shops. 

1. Cutting & Serving Board: Mignon Kitchen ($28)
2. Vintage Wood Planter: Long Since on Etsy ($29.99)
3. Slotted Wooden Spoon: Target ($4.29)
4. Vintage Split Wood Orchard Basket: Long Since on Etsy ($30)
5. Beechwood Vegetable Brush: Terrain ($12)
6. Marble & Wood Cake Stand: Terrain ($78)

I've been lusting after the cake stand for quite some time now, and may snatch it up as I found a discount code for 15% off over on Oh Joy. It will hopefully satisfy my penchant for marble, as I definitely can't afford it in countertop or backsplash form! On the cheaper end of things, a collection of simple wooden spoons from Target (or the Salvation Army perhaps?) could make a lovely statement grouped in a jar. Even something completely utilitarian like a vegetable brush or dust pan can work double duty as decor if you choose wisely. 

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See what I mean? Sure, it's a bit more money ($34) than your average dustpan and broom, but think of how much more fun it'll be to sweep up those dust bunnies! Or at least that's how my mind works - not sure that my husband would agree. Now to narrow down my shopping list so that I can stay happily married...wish me luck! 


(Images: As Linked; Composite: Lauren Hufnagl)

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