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The kitchen is mostly painted, with the exception of some trim, and I've done some serious paring down of my enormous shopping list (and probably saved my marriage in the process). The keyword in our house these days is BUDGET. I tried to pick items that were both beautiful and useful for the kitchen, like a hand towel, cookbooks, and a cake stand. I also bought some affordable artwork and have been working on finding the perfect placement for it.

I love to test out artwork with washi tape — it's a great way to live with a piece for a few days and make sure it's in the right location in your space. Most washi tape is easy enough to remove that it won't damage your walls or your artwork:

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This piece is an affordable print of an original photograph by Debbie Carlos. I love that it's large in scale, so it makes a big impact on the space without making a big dent in my wallet! I also made good use of some illustrations from an old calendar by Rifle Paper Co.:

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We've accomplished quite a bit, but with two tiny people to care for it's slow going, and I have a long way to go. Wish me luck!

(Images: Lauren Hufnagl)

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