Laure's January Jumpstart #2: Making Pillows

Laure's January Jumpstart #2: Making Pillows

Laure Joliet
Jan 31, 2008
The fabric is fresh out of the dryer and ready to be ironed

So my January Jumpstart Project has hit a bit of a snag. And today being the last day of January, I thought I'd out myself.

I really wanted to buy the Amy Butler Fabric Cherry Wall Flower-Lotus but it has been sold out until this week in the stores I was shopping( and sew mama sew). Then I got news of my eviction and I didn't want to invest in my current liing room's color scheme, in case I wanted to move on to something else in a new place. And then I was inspired to add pink to the bedroom (which is something I've always wanted, secretly), so I decided to make pillows for the bedroom. I've orderd different Amy Butler Fabric and now I'm ready to go.

So here I am on the last day of January and I'm not giving up. Here are my sources and my gameplan:

• I've learned that you need to wash and iron fabric before you sew it (who knew!)
• I need to pick my size of pillow and get an insert (which I've done, Ikea has a good selection)
• Measure and cut my fabric with a half inch of extra on all sides
• Sew 3 sides of my pillow (with the fabric turned inside out)
• Someone needs to hold my hand as I attempt a zipper
• Then I'm done-ish.

Any words of wisdom for me? I'm generally a pretty capable person, but somehow the sewing machine makes me sweat.

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